<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/191231111655.jpg?t=1580200010"><br>This amazing property is perfect for a large farming operation, bring all the animals, build a custom home, create a retreat away from the chaos yet this paradise is only 1 mile of gravel/dirt road from the paved Anvil Rock Road. This property is located in the meadow surrounded by the mountains deer and antelope will be your pets, coyotes will sing to you at night many other wild animals will surround you so fence out what you want and fence in what you want to protect, this is the wild wild west! The property is located less than a mile from the community water well, but you will drive almost 2.5m to get there. This land is a MUST see . Owner May Carry! Please call a realtor to show this to you as you drive by a couple residences to get there and you don t want to end up on the wrong property. The area around this property is fairly well secured by cooperative neighbors who have looked out for each other for generations, so you will want to reach out and get to know them even if you do not intend to be super social, the folks surrounding you are your best security. There are additional acres available if you decide to expand your private ranch or farm, this would seem to be an excellent place to raise a few dozen horses or dairy cows, you could cross fence and actually have grass to support them part of the year.<br>